Workshop on ‘Face painting’ by Prof Ar. M. A. Mithari

D. Y. Patil College of Architecture, Talsande has organized a one day workshop on “Face Painting” by Prof Ar. M. A. Mithari on October 4, 2019. This workshop was organized for the subject “Art Appreciation” of Second Year B. Arch. Ar. Mrs. M. A. Mithari is working as Associate professor for last 15 years in Department of Architecture, D. Y. Patil College of Engineering and Technology, Kasaba Bwada, Kolhapur. And she has vast experience of conducting workshops, Seminars, Quality Improvement Programs and Faculty Development Programs over these years. One day prior to the workshop, students were shown videos on various themes of Face Paintings and they were told to select particular subject or theme for their projects. In all eight groups were made so as to facilitate face paintings of eight themes..
In the beginning of workshop, Prof. M. A. Mithari guiding students about the procedure of face painting. Students enjoying various stages in the Face Painting Workshop