Campus Director

D.Y. Patil College of Architecture, Talsande offers a dynamic teaching and learning environment, well qualified and experienced faculty and an eco-friendly educational setting that aggrandizes and guerdons learning endeavors. We focus at all round development of our students. We are motivated to unleash the talents of our students, nurture them and galvanize them to make the best of their lives and the community that they live in.

विद्या वितर्का विज्ञानं स्मति: तत्परता किया।

यस्यैते षड्गुणास्तस्य नासाध्यमतिवर्तते ॥

which means ‘nothing is unachievable for a person who has the six assets of knowledge, reasoning, science, memory, readiness, and functionality’; and we at the D.Y. Patil College of Architecture, Talsande strive hard to help the students reify their assets.

  • Dr. Sateesh R. Pawaskar
  • Campus Director, Talsande Campus